Richard Nelson


In Uncategorized on 2005 May 22 Sunday at 17:56:00

Did 2 four-mile loops of the Port Area this morning, before my weariness from yesterday’s run caused me to cut my work-out short. Descending the Lake Iroquois shorebluff (the remnants of a glacial lake) on a road bike with skinny high-pressure tires is certainly an adventure. Winter is tough on Toronto’s road, with bumps and hard-core potholes everywhere. As well, the wonderfully initialled Water & Wastewater Division were hard at work on Unwin Avenue, an unusual sight for a holiday-weekend Sunday.

It’s never a good idea to take your eyes off the road. Potholes and ridges appear unexpectedly. I bunny-hopped one chasm on Unwin Avenue, but my rear wheel caught it anyway.

It was chilly for this time of year, even tho’ sunny, and the usual crowds at the entrance to Tommy Thompson Park were reduced. Thompson Park has to be an unusual construct, the Brigadoon of parks: only a park on weekends & holidays.

62 miles of cycling this week (including commuting), only 18 miles of running, and a total of 9.7 hours working out (that includes my Pilates classes). Not great, really, but boy am I feeling it.

Yesterday I saw a frog (Mona thinks a leopard frog) on the Don Trail a few hundred yards below the Forks.


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