Richard Nelson

V for …

In Uncategorized on 2006 April 20 Thursday at 02:02:00

The Doubletree Carson Hotel (shown here) is shaped like a V. the base of the V is where you’ll find the main entrance, and the elevators. The stairways are at the ends of the V’s arms. As in many hotels these days, the stairways are one-way: once you’re in them, your only exit is outside at ground level. That means that if you want to go up stairs you have no choice but to take the elevator.

I was on the 4th floor, and therefore only thirty feet above grade. With my newly loosened knees, I’d’ve loved to have taken the stairs—but there were none to be taken.

Many of our public buildings, our hotels, our office buildings are built so that you can’t be active, even if you want to be. At the Doubletree Carson a grand staircase between the elevators would have been attractive—and useful.


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