Richard Nelson

A funny thing happened to me on the way home …

In cats on 2007 March 11 Sunday at 15:50:00

No pic here. One problem with my Treo 700p is that it takes so many keypresses to bring up the camera; as you’ll see from this story, I just didn’t have time to capture it …

I was driving home from “La Bicicletta” with my newly overhauled Trek 2200 in the back, heading home in the Odyssey. I was eastbound on Davenport Road somewhere near Ossington Avenue as I approached a pedestrian cross-over (PXO).

As I approached the PXO, a large orange cat entered it. It looked either way and started to cross the street in front of me. Of course, I stopped. The westbound traffic also stopped, and the cat, always stying inside the double white lines of the PXO, crossed to the other side sedately, always looking—and then ran off!

As I drove east, the driver of a Wheel-Trans van rolled down her window and gave me the thumbs-up.

It certainly looked like the cat was using the PXO in the canonical fashion. Very odd.


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