Richard Nelson

The dawn of a new era (well, let’s hope)

In training on 2007 November 2 Friday at 15:41:00

Rather grandly, let’s set Saturday, November 3, as the beginning of a new Ironman era.

I have not worked out since the previous Saturday. Tiredness permeates me like mist. I had almost eight hours dreamless sleep last night—and still fell back asleep when I (big mistake!) snuggled up with M. after I’d brought her breakfast.

Is it a matter of working harder or of working smarter? And if the latter, what am I, Mr IQ Supposedly 169, doing wrong?

It makes me think (despite my disappointment with sport psychology books) that maybe I should dust off my Toughness Training books. Or look hard at what slows me down in the morning—I rather suspect that’s the key.

This all reminds me of an article I read years ago about a fellow who kept losing jobs because he was always late. He’d spent years in various therapies trying to establish the whys of this behaviour; in the end, he found a therapist who instead focused on the hows. They worked on how he could get up and get to work on time; and the problem, in due course, disappeared.

What are my hows?

  1. I think you have to rest up from the old era, first.

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