Richard Nelson

Conscious eating

In diet on 2010 September 2 Thursday at 18:52:59

Richard says: Great quote:

“If you want to do things right, you must think about them constantly. They
have to be part of your consciousness. You make mistakes when you’re tired
or distracted, or doing one thing while thinking about something else. Look
around you in a restaurant. People are eating as if they’ve never eaten
before and will never eat again. If we all just considered it for a minute,
we wouldn’t eat the 1,500 calories’ worth of french fries that come with the
tuna wrap.

“As soon as I stopped thinking, I started giving back the gains I had made.
I blew off interval workouts in favour of just rolling. My weight crept up,
and I was soon getting my ass kicked by riders I had been dropping.
Consciousness is hard work. And try as I might, sometimes it’s easier to
just spin or to eat the damn cookie than to think about the downstream

– Stephen Madden, “The Year I Did Everything Right”, BICYCLING, Jan.-Feb./07


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