Richard Nelson

Packing for a swim meet

In swimming, travel on 2010 September 2 Thursday at 18:16:40

I found this on e-How, and it seems sensible: How to pack for a swim meet:

To wear:

  • goggles, 2 pair in case one breaks or gets lost
  • bathing suit, in team colours if any; can be worn under clothes
  • bathing cap if swimmer wears one, silicone recommended as more stretchy

Take to meet:

  • towels
  • warm-up clothes
  • folding chair for competitor to keep towel on and sit between races.
  • change of clothes including underwear
  • sunscreen if you’ll be outdoors

Cooler or snack bag:

  • High-energy, high-carbohydrate snacks
  • Water
  • Sports drink

For parents:

  • Printed directions and phone number for destination
  • Heat sheet for events, heats, and lanes if it’s that sort of event, so you can locate your child
  • Permanent ink marker for writing race number or event/heat/lane number on child’s arm so she can find her start

Don’t panic!

Bring something to do in idle moments for all members of the family.


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