Richard Nelson

“When fathers worry about princess culture”

In Uncategorized on 2010 September 3 Friday at 13:09:28

It’s hard to believe people get paid to write stuff like this. I guess it pads the pages (dead-tree or Web) and thus undergirds the advertising vehicle. To be fair, it’s a mildly amusing piece on a father’s watching his three-year-old daughters immerse themselves in Disney’s world of princesses. My daughter (b. 1980) missed it—she was much more into Barbie—but my stepgranddaughter (b. 1996) spent some time in that world. (I should say I have no particular complaint with Disney’s princesses, though I am deeply irritated by the ahistoricity of Pocahontas.)

Here’s where Menon only glances at something important: “Through a mix of peer pressure, cultural ubiquity, enabling grandparents and brilliant corporate marketing, we have accidentally awakened an inner princess that was lurking inside our daughters.” To which I say, the key point is the “inner princess”: you can see through their treatment of their princess inventory through the years that Disney basically stumbled into the princess thing; there is something inside little girls that yearns to be, or more likely play-act, being princesses. Beyond that, I cannot say, but I’d throw aside Menon’s culture-damning list of suspects, and instead congratulate Disney on clarifying what little girls want.


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