Richard Nelson

“David Kelly: the rise of a conspiracy theory”

In culture, notes and observations, politics on 2010 September 6 Monday at 17:52:05

A lengthy blog post by Richard Webster on the hypothesis that David Kelly was murdered rather than self-murdered, on the medical evidence against that hypothesis, and on the role of the media (particularly the Daily Mail) in promoting or contesting the hypothesis. This last made me think of Nancy Nall’s recent post, quoting Roger Ebert, on the “strategic silence” that permits folks to believe the oddest things about Barrack Obama. I particularly liked this paragraph from Webster:

A more imaginative and more economical solution, appropriate to these straitened times, would be for a campaign of disinformation to be met by a campaign of information. The climate in which it has become acceptable to advance implausible and sometimes bizarre theories about the death of Dr Kelly is one which has been created, very largely, by irresponsible journalism. That climate could very easily be reversed if a concerted effort was made by newspaper editors and broadcasters to replace one-sided campaigning with informed debate.


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