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Chuckie V on potential

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Worth it for the cartoon.


A flower grows in East York*

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I’m not a flower person, so I can’t tell you what this is. But I can tell you it was growing through a fence on Muriel Avenue 2½ short blocks from my home in East York.*

Last night I ran home, a mere 4.3 mi~7.0 km. It was muggy, and, inevitably, my hands swelled up, and I slowed down. Three blocks from my office I ran past two executives of That Consulting Firm That Used to Use Tiger Woods to Represent Them. One of these executives was the one that permitted to me to be thrown off a project in the worst possible way, and then slagged me to my managing partner (who, fortunately, didn’t believe me; but it wasn’t a pretty few months).

That was, um, 19 months ago. A long time. I thought I was over it. Guess not: after that encounter I couldn’t keep my heart rate below 160 without walking. Grrr. I tried not to think about it; didn’t work. And when I got home, Monado was deep into gossip about ScienceBlogs bloggers, so I felt a little like someone in a rowboat, without oars, on choppy water.

Did read a good article about insomnia in Toronto Life’s newest issue; one of its key advices was not to read in bed. Oh, well!

The net of two work-outs (however paltry) and having trouble sleeping and having the black dog lie on top of me is that it actually took me 4¼ hours to get out of the house this morning; so now I’m beating myself up about the waste of time!

My sister in Nova Scotia had the wisest advice: maybe the persistent flower could chase the black dog away. Let’s hope!

* So. What is East York? Here’s the long answer, which I’m sure no one cares about! When Upper Canada was divided into townships for land tenure, the land between the Humber River, Lake Ontario, and what’s now Victoria Park and Steeles avenues was the Township of York. Embedded within this township was the Town of York (later the City of Toronto). With the Baldwin Act, the township became self-governing in 1850, and various bits of it got annexed by Toronto, or formed into various towns and villages (e.g., Parkdale, Yorkville, Brockton, and East, North, and West Toronto).

By 1922 the rural part of York Township and its two urban lobes to the southeast and -west didn’t get along, so it was split into three: the new Township of North York, and the old Township of York into two lobes separated by the City of Toronto. This latter split proved unworkable and in 1924 York was split into the Township of York proper and the new Township of East York. And thus it remained through the creation of Metropolitan Toronto until the madness of economies of scale had another outbreak, resulting in East York’s annexing Leaside and being erected (that’s the technical term!) to the Borough of East York. This lasted until the Harris Ministry restructured (sic) Ontario’s three biggest cities, and East York was annexed by the City of Toronto in 1998.

A motto?

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I spent some quiet nights in my Denver hotel room thinking about belief v. hope v. optimism, and I came up with this:

Not passive hope; not blind optimism; but an evidence-based belief that we can make tomorrow better than today.

I know that’s true; I mean, the evidence shows us that we can make tomorrow better than today; that I can be better (however you define better) tomorrow than I am today.

But it can be hard to believe it in the face of a motivation-eating black-dog mood, whose ideology seems best called what’s-the-point-ism. Still, I’m trying.

I’m completely unmotivated to do the heavy work-outs Coach Steve is listing for me. So I went to the pool and gave myself permission to do … anything. And all anything was, was 750 yd, 30 lengths, at a medium-hard effort. And it felt good.