Richard Nelson

Thursday bloggage

In quotidian bloggage on 2015 February 6 Friday at 00:51:33

A quiet day, a chilly day in Toronto. Well, it is February, our coldest month, so no surprise there.

Still working on trying to make “getting out quickly” in the morning take less than 2½ hours. An exploratory meeting with the folks at the TTC I’ll be working with for the next, gulp, many years. Seemed to go well.

My evening will end with another hour of Doctor Who (next up: story 201 “The Waters of Mars”), but my professional day ended with listening to Jeff Madrick give a talk from his latest book, Seven Bad Ideas. I got a copy, impersonally signed; after the talk, I’m actually looking forward to reading it.

Gregg Easterbrook’s last football column of the season is worth a read, tho’ I still think Seattle’s last play of the Super Bowl doesn’t deserve the opprobrium he reserves for it.

The Economist entices our attention with a discussion of cads v. dads. For the record, I consider myself much more a dad.


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