Richard Nelson

This week’s random links

In random links on 2015 March 22 Sunday at 16:47:21

la-na-frienship-nine-convictions-vacated-20150-001I’m always a bit uncomfortable with a story where Enlightened White Folks Right a Wrong against Black Folks, but I’ll admit this story (little covered?) cheered me up.

I have a fascination with “countries”, i.e., so this article about unrecognized states—not really “ghost countries”—turned my crank.

Literally awesome pictures of my country.

I’ve never been to Kansas City, except to drive to Topeka, but Subtropolis looks like a cool place, literally as well as figuratively.

As much as North Americans love their sports (and U.S. college students and Canadian hockey fans occasionally riot about them), the political dimension of Egyptian football fans reminds me of the Roman political-sport factions any reader of Gibbon will be familiar with, and mystified by.

Finally, your weekly load of irony: the “real” Marlboro Man.


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