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11 weeks to half-Ironman …

In Uncategorized on 2016 April 15 Friday at 09:06:13

… and I’m feeling down.

And when I’m feeling down it’s hard to get up for a work-out. After Monday’s long ride (playing hookey from work): nothing. Today we drive to visit our daughter and granddaughter in Ottawa. I’m hauling twice as much sport stuff as non-sport stuff, just to be prepared for whatever Ottawa throws at us—tho’ the promised weather is excellent. A “long” run while Mona gets some one-on-one time with Zoya; and a “long” ride after we take our leave.

We did find accommodation for the half-Ironman. The reason I’ve never considered Muskoka before is that accommodation is expensive and hard to get. The race hotel was going to cost us 704 CAD—plus every single meal. We decided to burn some of my Marriott Rewards points and stay 64 km away in a Residence Inn where we can cook our own meals.