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Is Angry Meniscus reforming?

In Uncategorized on 2016 May 16 Monday at 14:26:24

On Thursday, May 5, I “irritated” my right medial meniscus, the crescent-shaped pillow of cartilage that separates the femur and tibia when I do most anything with, but especially twist, my right knee. My joke since then is that I don’t have an irritated meniscus—I have an Angry Meniscus. With eight weeks to my next race, I really can’t afford not to work out for eleven days.

But I remain optimistic. Yesterday I travelled from Toronto to Denver. One of the funny things about air travel is how much walking is involved: almost five thousand steps yesterday. I skipped the slidewalks at the Denver airport, and walked the ¾ of a mile from Union Station to my hotel.

My knee felt fine.

This morning, not so much. I had to hobble to my first client meeting; but now, midday, it does seem better. So I remain cautiously optimistic!


Was the scary Biggest Loser story wrong?

In diet, Uncategorized on 2016 May 11 Wednesday at 14:27:05

Vox has an interesting rebuttal of the Biggest Loser story that no doubt you’ve seen on your timeline, to wit, that it’s no use! You’ll gain all that weight back!

As someone who’s ’way fitter than the typical 62-year-old, training for two long-distance triathlons this year (albeit “just to finish”!) but who struggles with being ’way too fat, the Biggest Loser study was daunting. But: Dr Freedhoff has both an interesting approach—basically, do what works—and an interesting metaphor: we don’t stop running because we can’t qualify for Boston; so why stop managing the nutritional side of our life just because we can’t be skinny?

Let me know what you think.

Strengths without qualifiers: I’ll try. Don’t mock me!

In psychology, Uncategorized on 2016 May 11 Wednesday at 14:18:33

Carrie Cheadle asks us to state five of our strengths without qualifying them. My list of, um, six:

  1. intelligent
  2. observant
  3. personable
  4. healthy
  5. considerate
  6. eager

I think I may be “personable” because I’m “considerate”, but I’ll let it stand.

Spiders are your friends.

In Uncategorized on 2016 May 11 Wednesday at 12:29:22

“The Spider Technique” at