Richard Nelson

Is Angry Meniscus reforming?

In Uncategorized on 2016 May 16 Monday at 14:26:24

On Thursday, May 5, I “irritated” my right medial meniscus, the crescent-shaped pillow of cartilage that separates the femur and tibia when I do most anything with, but especially twist, my right knee. My joke since then is that I don’t have an irritated meniscus—I have an Angry Meniscus. With eight weeks to my next race, I really can’t afford not to work out for eleven days.

But I remain optimistic. Yesterday I travelled from Toronto to Denver. One of the funny things about air travel is how much walking is involved: almost five thousand steps yesterday. I skipped the slidewalks at the Denver airport, and walked the ¾ of a mile from Union Station to my hotel.

My knee felt fine.

This morning, not so much. I had to hobble to my first client meeting; but now, midday, it does seem better. So I remain cautiously optimistic!


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