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Do you think this’ll work?

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Carrie Cheadle writes:

Sometimes the thing that keeps you from being in the present moment is your running list of other things you could be doing while you’re training or at practice. Before your next practice, try writing down all of the things on your mind in that moment that are keeping you from being 100% mentally present. Write down anything and everything on your mind on a 3×5 card, a little notebook, etc. As you’re writing, imagine as if the weight of those concerns and tasks is actually being transferred to that piece of paper; as if that notebook or 3×5 card is literally holding onto it for you so you don’t have to carry it with you into practice. Know that it’s being held safe and then give yourself permission to just go be absorbed in practice.

I have huge problems getting out there. So many things I could be doing instead. So: I shall try this, and report back.