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Marathons save lives!

In health on 2007 December 22 Saturday at 18:01:00

The current British Medical Journal has an amusing, maybe even fascinating paper asserting that fewer folks die in marathons from heart attacks than would have died if roads hadn’t been closed for the marathon. BMJ is letting you read the whole paper for free here.


I forgot to stretch!

In health on 2007 March 22 Thursday at 17:32:00

I wondered why I felt a little uncomfortable this morning—I forgot to stretch!

Based on one of the best articles I’d ever read about being a better cyclist, I’ve taken to stretching every morning after my coffee and before breakfast. Nothing elaborate, just some eight or so basic stretches that really seem to help.

But today I forgot. Sigh.

By the way, in looking for a good image for this post, I found a French Web page devoted to stretching for the obese.