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In quotidian bloggage, self-improvement on 2016 September 8 Thursday at 12:25:53

TrainingPeaks, as so often, has an interesting blog post on “How Swimming, Biking, and Running Cultivates [sic] Self-Reliance”. (What TP should perhaps improve is their copy-editing!) I’ve often thought that what draws me to endurance exercise is self-mastery—especially mastery over my demons.

The notion of definite, objective standards of accomplishment is interesting, because many of us do live in a world where it’s unclear if you’re doing a good job, or why.09234-how-swimming-biking-and-running-cultivates-self-reliance-700x394


This weekend’s thoughts—such as they are

In quotidian bloggage on 2015 February 8 Sunday at 17:53:48

Cabot TrailWith my new smartphone I’m kind of getting into phone-based fitness tools. I recently installed both MyFitnessPal and Endomondo—and now I find that they’ve both been bought by Under Armour. I’d completely missed that Under Armour was getting into this space (sic).

We’re planning a trip to Nova Scotia this year, so I didn’t need encouragement, but these pix might’ve helped!

Finally, a Facebook friend posted this:

anatomy of songs

It’s true enough to make me chortle, but it reminded me that many of my favourite songs combine the features of more than one genre.

“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

In quotidian bloggage on 2015 February 8 Sunday at 17:15:12

At least as long back as my single-digit childhood I’ve been fascinated by abandoned or disused works. The land around Welland, Ontario, where Mona grew up, is littered with the concrete remains of bridges and roads long since abandoned as development around the Welland Canal evolved.

This piece from a British site shows disused military works in Denmark, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, and France. The photographer’s Web site itself contains many wonderful pictures of abandoned sites.

More winter!

In quotidian bloggage on 2015 February 8 Sunday at 15:41:29

snowman on swing

You won’t find me complaining about the weather. I don’t have to live here. And today I’ll get to use my Yaktrax!

Environment Canada doesn’t like the weather, tho’.

The local club of the Canadian Automobile Association (of all people) posted a useful reminder on how to walk on ice (or even run on ice).

The inland sea that Toronto lies on “is sprouting bizarre ice formations”.

And a railfan in New Brunswick posted this epic video of a train pushing the snow aside like a boss.

Thursday bloggage

In quotidian bloggage on 2015 February 6 Friday at 00:51:33

A quiet day, a chilly day in Toronto. Well, it is February, our coldest month, so no surprise there.

Still working on trying to make “getting out quickly” in the morning take less than 2½ hours. An exploratory meeting with the folks at the TTC I’ll be working with for the next, gulp, many years. Seemed to go well.

My evening will end with another hour of Doctor Who (next up: story 201 “The Waters of Mars”), but my professional day ended with listening to Jeff Madrick give a talk from his latest book, Seven Bad Ideas. I got a copy, impersonally signed; after the talk, I’m actually looking forward to reading it.

Gregg Easterbrook’s last football column of the season is worth a read, tho’ I still think Seattle’s last play of the Super Bowl doesn’t deserve the opprobrium he reserves for it.

The Economist entices our attention with a discussion of cads v. dads. For the record, I consider myself much more a dad.