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In quotidian bloggage, self-improvement on 2016 September 8 Thursday at 12:25:53

TrainingPeaks, as so often, has an interesting blog post on “How Swimming, Biking, and Running Cultivates [sic] Self-Reliance”. (What TP should perhaps improve is their copy-editing!) I’ve often thought that what draws me to endurance exercise is self-mastery—especially mastery over my demons.

The notion of definite, objective standards of accomplishment is interesting, because many of us do live in a world where it’s unclear if you’re doing a good job, or why.09234-how-swimming-biking-and-running-cultivates-self-reliance-700x394


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In self-improvement on 2015 February 8 Sunday at 17:45:35

I can, unpredictably, have a lot of trouble falling asleep. Or I wake up after an hour and then can’t sleep for another hour or even two. If my neighbours three doors down are having their loud conversations on their patio it can be worse, even tho’, objectively, they’re not loud. I’ll admit I’m looking for a medication—when it was available in Canada zaleplon was great—but I’m also looking at non-drug approaches, such as what’s set out here. I’m probably worst at just admitting I’m not going to get to sleep and getting up. is almost always worth a look-in, even if you don’t find yourself always agreeing with what they write. This is certainly a good reminder, tho’ it takes the deprecated approach of telling what not to say (internally), rather than being more positive. Negative self-talk is certainly one of my banes.